This is the new ‘Walkie-Talkie’ feature of the Apple Watch

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The connection is established through an audio call in FaceTime.

The next update of the Apple Watch operating system, the watchOS 5, will also integrate several improvements for the health application a new function called ‘Walkie Talkie’, which will allow the alternate communication between two of these wereables.

According to the report of Dieter Bohn, editor of The Verge who was already in contact with a prototype of the platform, the ‘Walkie Talkie’ function is nothing more than an audio call whose connection is established through FaceTime.

This call integrates a mechanism ‘push to talk’ or ‘press to talk’, which is precisely what gives it the name of the popular and old-fashioned wireless communication system that operated by means of a modulated frequency.

Once two users have agreed to establish the connection in ‘Walkie Talkie’ in their respective Apple Watch, a call from FaceTime gives way to each one touching a button to send a voice message in real time that the other can hear after receive a notification sound.

The call ends after five minutes in which none of the contacts has sent a new message, although the company indicated to Bohn that they are still adjusting this time and that the function is not yet available to the developers.

“As much as I trust my closest friends and family, I do not know if I trust them to the extent of allowing my watch to deliver whatever message they choose wherever they are,” Bohn wrote of his experience with the show, which he described as “It is not ready yet” due to the spontaneous way in which a user can receive messages.