The IMF defines the loan for Argentina on Friday

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The executive board of the International Monetary Fund is scheduled for Friday morning a meeting at the offices of the agency in Washington to discuss the request of the loan from the Argentine Government.

On Wednesday night, in the US capital, officials who were aware of the negotiations were already assuming that the board will make a quick approval of the aid package. They also took for granted that the loan from the Fund will be accompanied by loans (or redirections of lines of loans already granted to Argentina) from the World Bank, the IDB and the Andean Development Corporation. That scheme, according to Marcos Peña, will be fattened by the announcement that China will reinforce the swap of currencies that serves to prop up the reserves of the Central Bank.

In Washington they assure that the aid will reach 50,000 million dollars. “In any case, do not expect all these loans to be approved in coordination. It is impossible for them to sit down to negotiate all these organizations together, Argentina is talking one by one with the representatives, so any idea of ​​coordination will have to leave the Argentine Government, “an official from one of the entities that already has planned a loan portfolio to turn to Argentina.

In the Casa Rosada, the idea is that Mauricio Macri can celebrate the approval of the loan on Friday at the G7 summit in Canada. There will also be the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.