Why do they give me so many flu?

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Influenza, influenza or influenza is an infectious disease caused by the virus of Influenza A or B, It is also known colloquially with the name of the disease of daily life and has become an uncomfortable disease for which an undetected effective vaccine

It is common to hear among people that having a cold very often obeys a system of low defenses. Although this cause can not be ruled out, it is important to clarify that the immune system is highly competent in 95% of the population. If this were not the case, individuals would live sick all the time, and not only of flu, but of other types of infectious diseases that swarm in our environment. Therefore, it is not possible to generalize that every person with a flu has low defenses.

It is possible to affirm that there are circumstances that favor the affection to our immune system and make us susceptible with higher prevalence to more diseases. Among those circumstances are, for example, stress, alterations of sugar and hormones, poor diet, and exposure to extreme temperatures, whether icy or hot.

Having a cold is due to a constant cycle of reinfection that we undergo in the public space, especially in places with a high human flow, such as means of mass transportation, school, and the office. On this we must say that people often go to work with flu without taking precautions to avoid being a multiplier of it, which causes a healthy person to contract the virus, incubate it and then manifest it, infecting again, who He is already healthy and other people around him. This cycle is really the main cause of people catching flu so easily.

According to the world’s scientific evidence, it is advisable to consume abundant vitamin C, since it reinforces the production of defense cells. It also helps to avoid the situations described above. But the most important thing is to be aware that when we are in a flu state we practice the permanent use of face masks, hand washing and as much as possible being at home the first three days. Let’s take care of our immune system because it is unique and is what allows us to stay healthy.