Amazon Employees Want Bezos to End Rekognition Deal to US Cops

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An American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon simply started with batteries, however, around 2009 it entered into the private-label business by offering a handful of items under AmazonBasics brand. Even, it offered unglamorous as well as smart products and still continuing. But, nowadays, the Amazon team urging with its Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos to stop selling Rekognition tool to the US law enforcement agencies.

The move by Amazon employees have objected to the United States President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, also it outlined their worries about how the technology would be used in the current political climate by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to the information of the source, Rekognition tool revealed to be remarkably low, in which a facial recognition project was set up for free across London and Jersey.

It’s not the first time that Amazon employees have asked to close the deal, prior to this, they have also asked CEO to stop working with Palantir Technologies as the company has got the contract to create web-enabled case management system for US agencies from Amazon Web Services.

Amazon employees wrote, “Along with much of the world we watched in horror recently as US authorities tore children away from their parents.” Further, they added, “In the face of this immoral US policy, and the US’s increasingly inhumane treatment of refugees and immigrants beyond this specific policy, we are deeply concerned that Amazon is implicated, providing infrastructure and services that enable ICE and DHS.”

Amazon move comes in the wake off protests by employees at Google and other tech giants for the projects with the US government. Apart from this things, last week, Amazon founder0 Jeff Bezos is in news for being world’s richest man with the net wealth of USD 141.9 billion.