China inaction led to Qualcomm scraping NXP deal worth $44 billion.

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Qualcomm, one of the biggest semiconductor companies recently scrap of a $44 billion deal with China after the chin government ruled out the transaction between the Qualcomm company with its China partners. According to media release in China, the Chinese regulators went on ruling a disqualification on the NXP deal with Qualcomm in the trade war which exists between Beijing and Washington D.C.

According to the reports by Qualcomm, the inaction of China to the NXP deal was suspicious and thereby Qualcomm was likely to scrap of this deal with China. The Chinese government went inactive and silent only to release a rule out of the NXP deal with Qualcomm had made with the country. China released the alleged report of cancellation of the deal midnight of the deadline day in approval of the deal.

According to the two, Qualcomm and NXP, the deal was inactive until Qualcomm decided to call off the deal. This led to NXP demanding a termination fee worth $2 billion from Qualcomm as a result of scraping of this deal. Meanwhile, Qualcomm, on the other hand, said that the company would buy backups worth $30 billion from its stock.

This contract termination was as a result of transaction failure following a series of unsuccessful purchase of China tariffs and Chinese goods by the Trumps administration. According to reports, China needed a negotiation leverage between china NXP and Qualcomm. This was the reason which led to delayed approval of the $44 billion deal between Qualcomm and NXP.

According to reports, many jurisdictions including the U.S.A had approved the Qualcomm deal of purchasing the new developed Dutch chip. China, on the other hand, was exceptional. This was after the long approval process which stayed for more than 20 months.

Trump, on the other hand, rejected Qualcomm deal worth $117 billion for the rival chip. According to Trump, the acquisition would have led to overspending on wireless technology rather than national security. This was reported after the federation committee in the U.S.A sat down and discussed the matter on Qualcomm and national security. Consequently, the deal between China and Qualcomm still remains scrapped.