Exclusive news: Eiffel tower shut down following employees strike over ‘monstrous queues’

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According to recent reports, Eiffel monument in Paris has been shut down for 2 days following the employees strike. From the reports, this strike was initiated by the employees due to long queues which the employees term as ‘monstrous queues’. According to the managements within the monument, the Eiffel monument tower services in Paris has been seized for the last 2 consecutive days.

The employees according to the reports were protesting against the introduction of a new access policy which they stated in their reports that this policy is the reason behind this long queues of tourists at the monument. According to AFP reports, the monument access was blocked around 2 p.m. GMT which was equivalent to 7:30 p.m. Indian standard time.

From the towers twitter account, visitors or tourists who had tickets should check out for new instruction sent to their mail box. From the tweet, the personnel involved with customer service told the tourists and visitors to stay calm and even gave them an apology in advance due to this inconveniences. According to AFP reports, initially there was a meeting between the management and the employee union which was reported a fail after the two parties disagreed on the agenda of this new policy.

According to the major accelerators of the strike was the percentage of ticket reserved for online booking. The information provided by personnel within the premises show that the union increased the percentage of online tickets to 50% which previously was set at 20%.  This made the employees upset since no agreement was made between the two parties concerning this policy.

However, the hit raised after specific elevators where reserved for specific ticket holder. Previously, these elevators where used by any ticket holder thereby reducing the time and the long monstrous queues which are currently affecting the employees within the monument.

Nevertheless, the visitors and tourist were unhappy with this long queues at the tower. According to one of the union members, the employees and visitor’s patience run out following the implementation of this new policy. Surprisingly, the checkouts from previous years are the same as this year but after implementation of this new policy, the queues grew longer.