Uber and Indian Ola takes its fight to UK

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Recent developments show that a fight has started between Uber and Indian Ola. Following the previous fight of Australia, Indian biggest and the most exclusive riding start-up Ola has taken its fight against Uber in the UK.

According to reports, Indian Ola was issued with licensing. This licence will now allow Indian Ola to operate in the South wales. However, this will be a national expansion considering the same license was issued to  Indian Ola biggest rivals Uber whose licence was ambiguously revoked following Uber inconsistent service and abilities in their operation in the British cities.

However, Ola said in a statement that operation in Great Manchester and South wales will be launch early on Tuesday. This event will led to development of national development and expansion in certain national operations.

More so Uber on the other hand according to British Brighton who said that Uber was unfit to operated in British cities was given a 15 month probation license to operate within British cities as a taxi firm.  Nevertheless, the contract was also revoked early September in a London.

From the reports, the two rivals at the moment are currently on each other in Australia and more so in India. This two company’s are head on each other following the fact that the companies offer the same service. Considering their individual services, the two companies are trying to outdo each other.

Recently Bengaluru announced that considering the competition from Uber and other firm services, it will offer black cars and private vehicles for individual all under one platform. Making all the cars on one platform will make Ola exclusive and more simpler.

According to Indian Ola, the company is happy to take part in the fight and partnership with Uk. According to Ola, this will be a major break through to Ola. Ola is seeing to extend its services across UK and other policymakers all together.  Ola currently is embedded to providing services in the UK. However, Indian Ola has introduced a new low commission rating as low as 10% of the previous ratings.