Did Huawei fake a Nova 3 photo with a DSLR?

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Tech giant Huawei is currently under fire again as a photo they claimed to be shot by its new flagship phone was in fact taken using a pro camera, reports said.

“The Huawei (ad) video shows a rapid succession of moments in which the couple prepares to take the selfie, then shows the final photos as snapshots between moments. As it turns out, though, the photos were taken on a DSLR camera—the type of dedicated (and not-at-all-tied-to-a-smartphone) camera used by professional photographers,” a report read.

The said brouhaha was discovered when one of the actors in the said Huawei campaign posted a behind-the-scene photo.

Tech blogs said that while Huawei’s ads never claimed that the photos were indeed taken by their new phone, “it is implied by the sequence of events and by the fact that the specific photo in question was used to promote a feature present in the smartphone.”

“Still, it’d be nice if Huawei would stick to advertising its phone based on the strength of what it can actually do — which is probably impressive enough, even without fakery — instead of hiding its capabilities behind marketing smoke and mirrors,” another tech blog, the Verge, said in its post.

This is not the first time that Huawei was called out for supposedly faking a photo that turned out to be taken by a professional camera. In its previous campaign, one of the EXIF data of the photos reportedly revealed that it was taken by a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

EXIF data pertains to the metadata that are included in a photo.

Huawei then said that they did not explicitly say that the photo was indeed taken by their phone but was there to “inspire our community.”

However, TrustedReviews.com said, “If this isn’t outright deceptive, it’s a pretty bad faith move from a company that needs as much good will from consumers as it could possibly get. Some governments in the west would rather Huawei phones from disappear from sale completely amid ongoing national security concerns.”