Beijing angry following the ban of China’s Huawei from mobile marketing by Australia

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Exclusive reports show that Australia has banned China’s Telecom network Huawei from the supply of 5G within the region, following Australia allegations on the risks of foreign interference and hacking. This decision angered Beijing. Beijing said in a statement that this was just an excuse that Australia was giving so that it can reject the network services. Beijing added that this was just an excuse to tile a specific China company to the ground.

However, according to Australia security agencies, the stance was that before the firm placed the tender in providing the 5 G network services in Australia, before that, Canberra’s had allegations over Chinese firm in meddling with Australian politics and according to Canberra, this was a bad sign if the Beijing company was offered the tender.  The Australian government oversaw a breach if the firm was allowed to provide this services.

Security agencies in Australia said that this would bring China closer to the countries strategies and through meddling, the company would have ample time to do anything since the firm originates from China.  However, U. S government also have restricted all Huawei products together with ZTE Corp from providing any service within the country due to the lucrative market for the same similar problems, I. e risks of foreign interference and hacking.

On Tuesday, In an emailed statement, the government said that national security and network services should ensure security regulations by all Telecom carriers. This is because these Telecom carriers are the only firm which supplies networks and security services to other firms and individuals throughout the country.

However, the government said that if any of the people living in the country violates the rules and regulations pertaining to the networks, then the individual or firm will suffer from their own risk.  This is accessing unauthorized network or services within the country.

Nevertheless, this statement never specified the firm or any network but Australia on the other hand officially said this statement directing this to Huawei which is a Chinese network service.  This is what angered Beijing due to direct pinpointing of their firms as insecure network service.