China says due to African swine fever, it has culled over 38,000 hogs

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According to recent reports,  China’s agriculture ministry said in a statement that over 38,000 hogs have culled since 1st September since the outbreak of African swine fever.  This was a major factor to be considered since in China,  pork is among the staple meat. However, over the last five months, the ministry has reported over five cases of cull hogs over five different division due to the outbreak of the African swine fever which has pumped the Chinese authorities from taking action on the matter. The Chinese authorities however, they have taken action in hand in the containment of this outbreak before a major catastrophe within the country occurs.

Nevertheless, according to this new reports from Anhui province, the Epidemic had been contained by the provision of basic treatment within Henan, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. From this treatment plan within this province’s, over a total of 37,271 hogs were reported culled, whereous other 1,264 hogs were reported to have been put down. In addition to this matter, the ministry on Sunday said that all Live hogs from provinces with this outbreaks will be banned from transportation of any kind outside the provinces and that live hog markets in those provinces for the meanwhile will be shutdown until the matter is solved pertaining the swine fever.

However, The ministry in a statement on Wednesday added that by no means can it rule out any possibility new outbreaks as far as the concerns over this fever grow bigger and bigger over deadly spread of this disease in the largest hog herd in the world. The ministry said that it will do all it takes to not only contain this disease but find a way of treating this outbreak and coming up with vaccines which would help prevent other hugs from acquiring this disease in the future. China has to find a way through this outbreak since most of China’s exports comes from this gig breading and producing province which at the moment suffer from this outbreak. Nevertheless,  the ministry assured the famers that all is under control and there is no need to worry about the culled hogs as the outbreak has been contained.